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Hi! I'm David John

When I graduated from kindergarten, my teacher gave me the Outstanding Work with Scissors Award. After all these years, I finally understand what my kindergarten teacher saw in me: I love to create.


Part of my creativity comes with the way I see the world. I am dyslexic, meaning that my brain has a bias towards images. For example, I often think about tasks that need to be done in images rather than words. As a kid, I used to think my dyslexia was a curse. I had a hard time learning to read, and I struggle with spelling to this day. But I now see dyslexia as a blessing. Because I am dyslexic, I can employ the medium of video in a unique way.  


My goal in advertising is to create visual content powerful enough that if the copy or dialogue were to be removed, the message would still come across.


I hope you enjoy my work.



  • I was president of the gross club in elementary school

  • One year, I made a Halloween custom entirely out of duct tape

  • I had a junk collection as a kid. I used things I collected to make stuff


  • I lived in Samoa for two years, serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • I am married to the love of my life

  • I love wakeboarding, dirtbikes, and everything else outdoorsy

  • I love Jesus Christ


The Tantrum

(backflip on a wakebaord)

Cross each wake


Surface 180

Wake-to-wake jump

Toeside jump

Air 180

Wake-to-wake 180

Toeside 180


tantrum 6.0-8.png

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